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'Our Father' (2019)

‘This series of work ‘Our Father’ is a reflective and contemplative documentary series that consists of a mixture of portraiture, still life and visual observation. The series is based on the monks and nuns of monastic communities within Britain that are still currently active today. It seeks to explore the themes of spirituality, faith, peace and human connection in a way that is visually both poetic and creative. It is a small insight into monastic life and the lives of the monks and nuns who have devoted their whole life to seeking God and expressing their faith in a simple but yet deep way through their expression of lifestyle. ‘Our Father’ also explores the beauty in the hope, love and mystery of faith in Jesus. As a whole this series aims to be rooted in a mixture of both visual observation and meditation, seeking to document these communities with sensitivity and respect. It is an ongoing series that has a vision of documenting the majority of monastic communities throughout Britain.’

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