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Hope In New Beginnings
2018 - 2024 (ongoing)

This series is something that is deeply personal to me, it is based on my mother and father. I regard it as visual poem of my parents life. My intention was to explore their love for one another, their faith in God, their struggles with money and physical health. I began the project in 2018 when they had just moved from a house they couldn't afford into a council house in Bugbrooke Northamptonshire. The process of photographing them helped me to begin to come to the terms with the reality that they are now in the latter seasons of their life and they won't be around forever. This is something that we all must face one day, the passing of time and of loved ones. All though I hope this is not for many more years, this project helped me to mature in myself and in my love and friendship with my parents. Being inspired by the stories of their incredible, unique but also complex life they have led so far. All though I do not photograph them as much in recent years, It is still something I will continue to do. I love them as my parents but also as my dear friends.

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